Reviving the Chronicles

Chronicles of juRo” is the blog title I came up with back when I decided to start blogging (again).




My first blog was brought to life under the wings of the then Über-famous online social networking site, Friendster. The posts I made were of various topics. Some posts were written from my own experiences. Some other posts were about current affairs, cars, and music. Still other posts were pieces written as essays. With no internet connection though, my blogging wasn’t done regularly. The last post in that blog is dated August 29, 2009. Entitled “jukz – (subheading)the book of mah life unfolds…“, the blog can be found here.

My second blog is hosted at , and is entitled “Chronicles of juRo – (subheading) THE LIFE I LIVE | I SHARE HEREIN“. I was already an student of Colegio de Dagupan back then, and the first post is dated February 5, 2010. Without internet connection at home, some posts were several weeks apart. The content of the blog wasn’t restrained to any “niche” or particular subject, too. Whatever I wanted to write about, I posted in my blog. The first semester of school year 2010-2011, however, demanded much, much time after school hours. Because of that, I wasn’t able to update the blog.  In fact, the last post made is dated July 29, 2010. As I write this, the calendar tells me it’s already the 23rd of October 2010. Three months have passed since my last post, and there are certainly lots of things I could blog about already.




Now that the first semester is over, my schedules have freed up a bit, thus giving me ample time to blog again. I have decided, however, to start a new blog at With a new blog up and running, and a recently discovered content -sharing-centralizing (whatever it is called) site, I am ready to blog again.


I have almost three months of experiences to share in my blog, and I will post about ’em real soon!

While this task may not be completed in one night, I will seek to complete the “backLog” as soon as I can, so do check in regularly to stay updated!


Share your thoughts!

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