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HOW TO: View Your Grades Online

I happen to be among the students of Colegio de Dagupan, and am currently taking up a degree in Information Technology. The school, while it has strengths in other fields of study, has established a good reputation in the my course. Currently, it boasts the CODE (Center of Development for Excellence in IT Education) label among others.

The institution claims to be a high-tech school as is sung by its populace. In fact, the school hymn starts off with this line: “In a hi-tech school | That’s where we’ve been here in Dagupan“. The claim of being hi-tech, is not reduced to a mere hymn, however, because the facilities back it up. Out front, the school boasts a big screen which showcases achievements such as a visually appealing list of board exam passers. The main entrance also shouts hi-tech, as it utilizes three turn-style machines (if that’s what those things are called), pretty much like those you’d find in supermarkets. The difference, however, is that it has a sensor on which you have to swipe your school ID before it unlocks and lets you into the campus. Also, a monitor screen displays the basic information about those who have just gone through the entrance. Among the things that back up the school’s claim of being hi-tech is its website, which recently received a much-awaited overhaul.

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cdd home page

In the website, a wealth of information regarding the school can be found. It has many different modules, but one is especially beneficial to the students. It’s named myCDD, a portal for both students and faculty. The features of the said portal include a profile with basic contact information, an online schedule which reflects the schedule of the currently enrolled subjects, a search for subjects which allows users to somehow come up with and choose their own schedules prior to enrolment, and last but not least, a link for viewing the user’s grades. What follows is a short and simple tutorial for CdD students.


  1. Access myCdD. (The link will take you to the login page, seen below.)
  2. mycdd login page

  3. Login by typing your ID number and Password. (By default, the password would be your birthdate.)
  4. mycdd home page

  5. Click on “Grades” on the right navPane. (This should take you to a screen similar to the one below.) mycdd grades list

Yes, I blocked out the columns for grades and instructors. The reason should be pretty obvious, right?

Quick tip: Don’t forget to log off your account, especially when using public computers!


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