Antonymity: The Battle of the Opposites

Opposites: our world is full of them. In the scrolls of history, blood has been shed, battles fought, and wars waged. All these and more have been consequences of the battle of opposites. Men, capable of deciding for themselves, have taken their stand and fought for it.

The essence of one’s existence may, after all, be its opposite. What good would light be, if there was no darkness? What is the value of truth, if there is no lie? What point would it be to have right if there was no left?

Now, the opposites that every single human being is involved in come to mind: right and wrong, which are pretty much the reflection of the contrast between good and evil. Some are convinced that the way to handle this antonymity is to have a balance between the two. Some, on the other hand, are determined that you have got to take a stand.

The existence of that which is right is nonsense if there was no wrong. Vice-versa applies here; it too, is an endless cycle of choice that each living person has got to make. Some choose to go by that which is right. They point out the rules. They slap you on the face with the norms. They hit you again with their thoughts and stand on morality. They think that you must, at all costs [even that which cost you your life, reason for living, hope for tomorrow, or the one person you love dearly] avoid the wrong at all times.

If you’re faced with these kinds of people, think: what good is that which is right if there was no wrong?

Succumb not to what others think and say is right. Help ‘em out, do ‘em a favor by being their opposite and forming an antonymity with them. If you don’t, then their existence just may not make any sense at all!


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