Past Mystified | Future Revealed

Do you remember what happened yesterday? Of course you do. You probably remember how you woke up in the morning, how you took a bath, or brushed your teeth. Perhaps you remember meeting a friend, talking and sharing stories. Or maybe you remember how your dear one smiled at you sweetly, held your hand, and told you words that you never get tired of hearing. All these, we could look back into. In our minds these mem’ries abound. Highlights of our toddler days. Scenes from those days when we had toothless smiles, and so on. Yes, these memories are those of our past.

Sometimes I wonder though, which would be better: that we knew nothing of our past but knew exactly what were to happen in the future, or just as it is, having memories of our past that we could look back into but having no absolute certainty about what may happen in the days that were yet to come?
[ Mas maganda bang alam wala tayong ka-alam-alam sa mga bagay na nangyari na pero alam nating ang eksaktong mangyayari sa hinaharap? O mas maganda pa rin kung ano man ang totoo ngayon: may mga alaala tayo sa mga bagay na nakalipas na ngunit walang ka-alam-alam sa mga bagay na mangyayari pa lang? ]

It probably is better if we knew what would happen tomorrow…that would save us a lot from trouble, won’t it?
You’d know that tomorrow, you will forget to wear some deodorant before leaving your house, so today you make sure you write a note that says “Wear deodorant!” and probably put it next to your styling gel, which you think you’ll never forget to use.
Or perhaps you’d know that tomorrow, you will get such question on your final exam, so today you spend your time reading your way through the books and memorizing as much as you possibly could.
Or maybe you’d know that tomorrow, you will cross the street and get hit by a speeding bike with fancy lights, shining wheels, thin tires, and a rider who has his helmet on his elbow, a driver’s license he got courtesy of the friendly fixers thanks to a generous sum of money he offered, and that this bike couldn’t have hit you if you just crossed on the pedestrian lane, so today you keep telling yourself to follow such a simple rule, especially tomorrow, when you will get hit by that bike.

The thought might be amusing, but lets get back into reality, dear reader. Tomorrows are a mystery which you and I have no certainty of, and yesterdays are things of the past.

The [sad] thing is, we cannot change the past.
Whatever things that have already happened are written in the scrolls of history, and you and I have nothing we can do to rewrite a phrase here and there, replace a period with a dot, or even change a letter into the uppercase.

The page in the scroll of history labelled “today” probably already has some entries written to it.
Get the point? Lines are yet to be written on the page. That of tomorrow is still completely blank. History is a record of the past, is it not?

We can do nothing about the past, but we surely can do a lot of things with the present and the future.
That might include, for example, smiling at the person we hold dear, locking our hands with theirs, and telling them the sweetest words we never grow tired of telling them.


3 thoughts on “Past Mystified | Future Revealed”

  1. It’s an interesting thought, but I’m not sure I’d want to know exactly when I’m due to pass over to the next world! I think I’d rather stick with my memories 🙂

    1. Can you imagine the horror of being told by doctors, “you’ve got x weeks left to live…”

      To know exact details of the future is an entirely different beast though. So yeah, let’s stick with memories. 🙂

  2. Hello there younger brother! Am I still allowed to call you that? haha

    Nice post. It makes me overthink again, these queries that never end… contemplating on what has been and what is yet to arrive. Good command of the language too!

    Anyway, just to update you, I’ve changed my blog’s name into, from

    And oh, why haven’t we communicated these past months? Hmmm?


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