A Hobbyist Photographer's Wish List by Juro Malazo

A Hobbyist Photographer’s Wish List, Item #9: BlackRapid Metro Camera Strap

It’s become quite customary for most people to wish for things during the Christmas season. Some dream of driving off in a new car, some want to get their hands on the latest smartphone, and some others, like me, have wish for gear…photography gear, that is.

I’ve also got a wish list of sorts, arranged from the most affordable to the most expensive. I’ll be posting the items on the list over the next few days, with item #1 to be revealed on Christmas day.

Yesterday, I posted Item #10, 5-in-1 43 inch Collapsible Reflector Kit.

Black Rapid Metro Strap
Black Rapid Metro Strap [image source: esellerpro.com]

Today we look at Item #9: a Black Rapid Metro Camera Strap. I found an [local] online seller that sells this for about P2,000.

At this point, someone would probably ask, “why buy a camera strap when you’ve already got the one that came with the camera?” Well, basically, the ones you could buy from camera strap manufacturers would probably be much better than what you already have.

My Panasonic Lumix LX5 came with a neck strap in the box. It’s about a centimeter wide, made of leather (I think). It’s got Lumix branding on both ends, and has served me for a little more than a year now. The LX5 is not a particularly heavy camera at 271g (0.61 lb). It’s a little heavier than the typical compact point-and-shoot camera, but considerably lighter than a typical DSLR. I’ve tried having the camera hanging off it on my neck for more than three hours a few times, and it was not comfortable.

Now, I seldom hang it around my neck. Instead, it just goes over my right shoulder. This is typically my setup especially when out on the streets. It stays on my right side with my little bag (which hangs around my left shoulder), but I almost always keep a hand around it.
The main reason for that is so that shooting would be much faster; I’d just put up the camera and shoot. It also is far more comfortable than when it’s hanging around my neck.
Second reason is fear (…or paranoia?). I don’t want my first and only camera to be snatched off out there. If that happens, I’d run after the thief and get my LX5 back, but I’d rather that prevent that from happening in the first place. I also do not want the camera to be swinging around, potentially hitting other people and their stuff when I’m walking in a crowded area.

The problem with my current setup of using the neck strap over my shoulder is that every now and then, I have to readjust it to make sure it won’t fall off. This is also another reason why I always keep a hand on the camera.

This BlackRapid Metro Strap is a sling style strap designed with Compact System Cameras in mind. It goes over your shoulder and around your body, attaches to the tripod mount, and allows the camera to glide through a certain length of the strap.

There are a lot of videos over the web that you could watch to see just how a sling style strap is different from the typical neck strap.
Below is the product overview video that BlackRapid posted on YouTube.

With this, I won’t have to worry much about the strap falling off as with my current neck strap setup. It also has locks to keep the camera from swinging around too much when not shooting. It also holds the camera at a great position that would allow for faster shooting. The padding and width it has over the “stock” neck strap should equate to comfort as well.

So there you have it: Item #9 on my wish list, A BlackRapid Metro Strap that could be bought for P2,000.

What strap are you using? Have you had any issues with a strap attached to the tripod mount?


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