A Hobbyist Photographer's Wish List by Juro Malazo

A Hobbyist Photographer’s Wish List, Item #4: Benro A500F Tripod + BH1 Ballhead

It’s become quite customary for most people to wish for things during the Christmas season. Some dream of driving off in a new car, some want to get their hands on the latest smartphone, and some others, like me, have wish for gear…photography gear, that is.

I’ve also got a wish list of sorts, arranged from the most affordable to the most expensive. I’ll be posting the items on the list over the next few days, with item #1 to be revealed on Christmas day.
The most recent post I did on this 10 part series was several days ago, having failed to write up and schedule posts for items number 1 to 4 (Item number 1 was supposed to be revealed last week on the 25th).

Before the year draws to a close, I’d like to finish this series. Today, Items 4, 3, 2 and 1 will all be revealed…one at a time. ^_^

Previously, I posted Item #5, the Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Lens.

Now let’s look at Item #4: Benro A500F Tripod + BH1 Ballhead. I found an [local] online seller that sells this for P4,500.

Benro A-500EX Tripod + BH1 Ballhead [image source: amazon.com]

I already have a tripod. It’s a Wizen WT-4730 unit which I bought last year for about P1,200 at a local camera store. It’s got 3-section legs, geared center column and a quick release plate (but probably less sophisticated than those on pro pods). I stand at around five foot seven, and when this tripod is fully extended (including the center column), my camera would be almost at my eye level. I’ve used it, but definitely not as much as a landscape photographer (even a hobbyist one) would.

My LX5 isn’t a challenge to carry at all for a tripod that’s supposedly designed to carry DSLRs plus it’s got a great height, but one big frustration I’ve had with it is that the lowest it could go just isn’t low enough. Want low-angle shots with the stability offered by a tripod? You could (1) go borrow a different tripod, (2) shoot handheld or (3) use some clever way to stabilize your camera. To be fair of course, it’s worth noting that the Wizen WT-4730 wasn’t designed to be used for low-angle shooting (I wasn’t aware of this when I bought it).

I now know what I want: a sturdy, stable tripod with adjustable legs, invertible center column with hook and a ballhead and affordable. I imagine a tripod that offers this would be a joy to use when opportunities come. The Benro A500F does this and [hopefully] more.

So there you have it: Item #4 on my wish list, a Benro A500F Tripod + BH1 Ballhead kit that could be bought for P4,500.

What tripod are you using? Do you have any experiences with the Benro Tripods?


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