Vanessa Glow.

I shot this a few minutes after that of Jonalyn, which I’ve previously shared. It was actually pretty much on the same spot, except I didn’t use my flash on this one. Instead, I used my silver-bubble-envelop-turned-reflector and had it bounce the light coming from the behind the subject back to her face.

If you’ll look into her eyes you’d see a small rectangular highlight (what photographers call catch light)…that’d be the reflector right there.

Thanks to the reflector, there’s this ethereal glow on the pretty face of my long lost sister (cousin, actually), Vanessa. ^_^

Vanessa Glow. (I Shot My Family!: Portraits by Juro Malazo)
© Jun Roweeku Malazo, All Rights Reserved.

Vanessa Glow.

Panasonic Lumix LX5.
90mm; F3.3; 1/50s; ISO 400; No Flash.
December 28, 2013.
Processed in PS.CS6 & LR5.


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