The Dazzling Mark John.

I was playing around with my flash and have already taken photos of two of my cousins, and this guy in red here was going to be my third subject. The idea of the pose for the shot, if I remember correctly, was his.

This photo was shot at around 3:30PM against a wall that’s quite well lit by the afternoon sun. I wanted to emphasize the light coming from my YN-560II flash, so I figured I had to kill the ambient light (again).

I set my shutter speed to 1/2000ths of a second and took a test shot, but I still wanted to minimize the ambient light. So I used the lowest ISO on my LX5.

One more problem I had was that the flash of my LX5 lights up the whole frame more than I want it to. I was using it to optically trigger the YN-560II, so blocking it could only do so much.

Then I remembered something I read: the aperture controls how much the flash affects the image. I ended up using F8.0, the smallest aperture I could get on my camera. To compensate, I also increased the power of my YN-560II.

Result? The built-in flash wasn’t messing up the scene anymore, plus I got the texture of the wall, which makes the photo look better [I think] than if it didn’t appear as detailed.

The dazzling guy you’re looking at here is my cousin Mark John. ^_^

The Dazzling Mark John. (I Shot My Family! | Portraits by Juro Malazo)
© Jun Roweeku Malazo, All Rights Reserved.

The Dazzling Mark John.

Panasonic Lumix LX5.
35mm; F8.0; 1/2000s; ISO 80; Flash Fired: YN-560II.
December 28, 2013.
Processed in LR5.


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