Choose to Love Christ!

“Christ is to be cherished, not just chosen.”
John Piper | When I Don’t Desire God

I know of people, acquaintances and close friends alike, who choose a college degree or career that they don’t really love. Of course, it’s not impossible for them to get by. They may be recognized for their outstanding performance in these fields and maybe even end up enjoying what they do. Until the latter happens, however, they might feel stuck trudging down a road where they spend most of the time looking over to the other road they wished they’d chosen. There’s not much surprise when you hear stories of how someone chose a particular degree and career path because of reasons other than a passion for it. Perhaps it’s safe to say that practicality often dictates people’s choice these days.

While Christ can never be comparable to degrees and careers, we’re prone to treat choosing Him the way we choose other things. A lot of us decide to choose Christ, wanting to be saved from eternal destruction in Hell, and  tend to end there. We claim to have chosen God, but live lives that do not show that we love Him.

We are commanded to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (Matthew 22:37). In 1 Corinthians 16:22 the apostle Paul says, “If anyone does not love the Lord, let that person be cursed!

A true Christian is not someone who got saved and received God’s free gift of eternal life some time ago and is now living his life in whatever way he pleases, watching days and years pass by in wait for the time he gets to go to heaven.

On the contrary, a true Christian is someone who was redeemed and is now living his life with the sole purpose of glorifying God, growing in his love for God and the things of God with every passing day.

Don’t stop and be content in just choosing Christ. Cherish Him; grow in His likeness, obey His commands, live a life that points to Him!


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