For Lease on Toemail

If you’ve seen other posts on this blog, then you’d have noticed that the majority of of them are photos. Most of them, in fact, look like they were taken on a street somewhere. That’s because they (at least most of them) are.

I am trying to pursue Street Photography, and have been using this blog to share my shots. The series is aptly named “Out on the Streets,” and one of the photos that I’ve shared here is “For Lease.”

While I do get excited over likes, +1’s, reshares  and other feedback on my images, I try to not really think about these and instead shoot for myself.

I was in for a big surprise then when I opened up my WP Dashboard one day and saw this:
Screenshot: toemailer comment | Dashboard ‹ JrMlz — WordPress

I immediately replied when I saw it (6 days since the comment was made). Of course, I said no, they couldn’t post it because it’s mine and I shoot for myself only, blah blah blah…

No, I didn’t say no. I apologized for the late reply and even apologetically said they could share “For Lease” (I thought maybe they had changed their mind because I took so looooong to reply).

The post went live on May 22, 2014.
In case you’re wondering, I didn’t see it on the same day; I saw the post today, June 3. Yes, I’m still working on updating this blog regularly.Screenshot: For Lease by Juro Malazo published on Toemail

Again, my thanks go out to Quillan and Angela of Toemail!
I really appreciate your sharing of my work.

So, check out Toemail — Pictures of Toes, Pictures of Feet, Making the World a Better Place, One Foot at a Time!



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